HP Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer\importer of general\novelty items for distributors, dealers, wholesalers, chain stores, & local retailers.
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Souvenir Items


Ashtrays, Bendable Magnetic LED/Laser Lights, Bottle Openers, Keychains, Night Light Wall Switches, Paperweights, Shot Glasses and more

Available in:


  • Acrylic Keychain Frame
  • Art Print with a 16" x 20" Mat
  • Telescopic Back Scratcher
  • Bendable LED/Laser Flashlight with Magnet
  • Cigarette Case/Metal Wallet
  • Glass Ashtray
  • Glass Paperweight
  • Ink Pen
  • Large Oil Lighter (Refillable/Chrome Finish)
  • Metal Bottle Opener with Magnet
  • Metal Lighter Case with replaceable butane lighter
  • Micro-Glo Stick Flashlight (LED)
  • Mini Flask with Clasp (Chrome)
  • Mini Swiss Army Knife
  • Money Clip
  • Monster Pill Fob with Carabiner
  • LED Night Light Wall Switch
  • Pill Fob Key Ring
  • Plastic Flask with Funnel
  • Poker Chip Keychain
  • Shot Glass
  • Fingernail Clipper
  • Tipsy Wobbler LED Light
  • Tire Ashtray
  • Victor Pocket Oil Lighter (Chrome)
  • Victor Rechargeable USB Lighter (Chrome)
  • Zinc Round Key Ring


Most Products are available in Bulk, Displays, Clip Strips & Floor Displays


Tennessee Souvenir 6 LED Night Light Wall Switch