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Pepper Spray Floor Display 50 pcand Counter Display 12 pc, Pink and Black Leather Cases

Pepper Spray

Item Information



Floor Display: 5 pcs per hook;

10 hooks per power wing; 50 pcs total

Counter Display: 12 pcs




  • Maximum Strength
  • UV Identifying Dye
  • Multiple Blasts up to 12 ft
  • Causes no permanent injury
  • Nontoxic & nonflammable
  • Comes in convenient case
  • Packaged in protective clam shell

Available in regular Black and Pink Pepper Spray colors.


Powerful Personal Protection


Effective against

Muggers, Carjackers, Rapists,

Vicious Animals


Go Anywhere with Security

Purse, Brief Case, Glove Box,

Suitcase, Coat Pocket

Item Description: GM

Pepper Spray


Item Number: 129313


Pieces per Display:

Floor Display 50 pcs

Counter Display 12 pcs


Piece UPC Number:



Pink Pepper Spray 12 pc Display