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Now you can bring your drink with you. Bypass metal detectors with this all plastic flask. It's affordable and disposable. Skip the concessions and save money. Since it's all plastic, the 5 oz. flask is recyclable. However, Hide-My-Flask is durable enough to be reusable. Flask comes with a handy funnel.

Hide-My-Flask Funnel Hide-My-Flask Plastic Flask 18 pc Display
Day of the Dead Skull Shape Shot Glass, Sugar Skull, calavera Day of the Dead Skull Shape Shot Glass 12 pc Display, Sugar Skull, calavera NRA Disc Logo Collector Cup NRA National Rifle Association 22 oz Cups 24 pc Display
Dragon Tattoo Oval Shot Glass Shot Glass 12 pc Display Tray with oval insert Redneck Mason Jar Shot Glass Redneck Mason Jar Shot Glass Display 12 pc

12 pc Display