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Dale Adkins Horse Mini Swiss Army Knife Keychains Sale Sheet: Available in 12 pc and 24 pc knife displays

Dale Adkins Art – Horses

Mini Swiss Army Knife

Item Information



Counter Display Tray: 12 pcs & 24 pcs




  • Assorted Horse Designs:
    Barn Buddies #02 Detail
    Barn Buddies #03 Detail
    Hill Country Blossoms #02 Detail
    Run for the Roses #01
    Snake River Crossing #02 Detail
    Adkins Horse – Reflections #02 Detail
    Snake River Crossing #01
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Tooth Pick
  • File
  • Keychain
Dale Adkins Horse Mini Swiss Army Knife Keychain: Barn Buddies #02 Detail

"America's Most Published Artist"

More published than Norman Rockwell, Dale is best known for his illustrations of the Louis L'Amour western novels.


He is also well known for his western, Native American, famous faces, aviation, classic cars, and wildlife art.


Various Subjects


Portraits, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Tractors, Americana, Western Pin Ups, Horses, Western, Wildlife, Vintage Airplanes & More


Item Description: Knives

Adkins Horse Mini Swiss Army Knives


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Counter Display 12 pcs & 24 pcs


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Dale Adkins Horse Mini Swiss Army Knife Keychains 12 pc display